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[O] Non-interactive insertion of future-dates

From: Simon Campese
Subject: [O] Non-interactive insertion of future-dates
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 17:42:24 +0100

Dear community,

I want to setup a capture-template that sets a
SCHEDULE-property in the future (say one week from today) without any
user interaction.

Currently, I almost achieve this by inserting the line

:SCHEDULED: <%(org-read-date nil nil nil nil nil "+1w")>

into my template. When I now call the template, I end up in the
date-time-prompt, with "+1w" prefilled, so that manually have to press

Maybe it is trivial to call an interactive lisp-function and emulate
some keypress, in which case I would be thankful for the code that
achieves this (my lisp-skills are limited). Also, one should be able to
achieve what I want by using format-time-string and increment the
current time, but again my lisp-skills prohibit me from implementing it

In any case, it might be a good idea to include non-interactive access
to relative times in template expansion, so that for example one
can state something like %t[+1w] or %{+1w}t in the template to get the
date one week from today (one should spend some more time to specify the
actual input-format of course...). What do you think? 

Thank you very much,


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