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Re: [O] ICS import?

From: Matthew Sauer
Subject: Re: [O] ICS import?
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 16:26:27 -0600

Forgot to add the list in -- I know that the last time I remember
seeing google-calendar to org-sync the problem was that it wasn't a
true sync but just an import.  In other words you could download but
couldn't change something and have it auto-update on the other.
Anyone have a better update?
>> Well, Google has a feature that I use called Google Calendar Sync.  It
>> takes my default Google Calendar and syncs it with my outlook that is
>> running off my exchange at work.
> Yup - that half of it is no problem. The problem is the
> google-calendar-to-org sync which presumably does not exist yet and
> would have to be written - or maybe someone has done that already?
> There has been some discussion about google calendar on the list but I
> haven't followed it too closely: is there anybody who does the
> google-calendar-to-org sync routinely?
> Nick
>> > Matthew Sauer <address@hidden> wrote:
>> >
>> >> I almost wonder if it would be easier to complete a good sync with
>> >> google calendar and just sync outlook with google calendar and sync
>> >> org with the google calendar -- or is that too many steps?
>> >>
>> >
>> > Does google calendar use something other than ics? If so, what?
>> >
>> > I don't think the number of steps is excessive, but if it does
>> > use ics, then cutting out the middleman makes sense. If not, it
>> > would depend on whether the org-to-google calendar sync is easier.
>> >
>> > Nick
>> >

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