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Re: [O] Export without code blocks

From: Martyn Jago
Subject: Re: [O] Export without code blocks
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 03:04:10 +0000
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Martyn Jago <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi Aaron
> aaron barclay <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I am having trouble finding the correct way to export a document without
>> the code blocks included. Should I be using #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS? I can't
>> seem to get it to work, anyone have the correct syntax?
>> cheers,
>> aaron.
> #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS is for defining tags (such as NO_EXPORT) to
> prevent headings or sub-headings (branches) being exported. As in:
> ** don't export me                  :NO_EXPORT:
> stuff
> Possibly what you need is :exports none  or :exports results :
> begin_src python :exports results
>   print "result"
> end_src

Of course this won't work in python since it will 'print' result, but
not return it. so you also need :results output which makes, the `result'
that which is printed to STDOUT (standard out).

> What format are you exporting too?
> Best, Martyn

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