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[O] BUG: Latex exporter bug

From: Tomas Grigera
Subject: [O] BUG: Latex exporter bug
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 12:07:45 -0300

Hello Org people:

I have found the following issue when exporting to Latex: a headline
is sometimes moved to another position when skipping a level in the
hierarchy. The following demonstrates the problem:

* Sec 1

** Subsec 1.1

*** Subsec 1.1.1

** Subsec 1.2

* Sec 2

*** Subsec 2.0.1 (THIS IS MOVED)

When I export this to Latex, the last headline ends up before "Sec 2"
in the Latex file. If I put two stars instead of three, it is placed
correctly at the end.

I am using the latest git head (d9970d1b) and Emacs 23.2.1


ps This does not happen for all exporters, e.g. html seems OK.

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