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Re: [O] Variable settings in .emacs VS cross device portability.

From: Thomas S. Dye
Subject: Re: [O] Variable settings in .emacs VS cross device portability.
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2012 14:42:39 -1000

Yu <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello!
> I was wondering if there is a possibility to make org-files fully
> portable in behaviour (especially when exporting) between different
> emacs installations.
> When reading the mailing list or other writing about org-mode,
> commonly suggestions of the type "just add (setq org-foo bar) to your
> .emacs". This however creates a dependency on the local setup of the
> variables, which likely will be a problem, when sharing the file with
> someone.
> My current solution is to use a template file with #+BIND: and
> #+PROPERTY: lines in a setup section rather than setting anything in
> configuration files.
> However, is there some way to turn a user-variable dependent file into
> a portable file? I was thinking of something along the lines of
> "dumping user-specified variables into a list of #+BIND lines" and, if
> necessary, the magic "-*- var: value -*-" line at the start of the
> file (or, less elegant because of spreading options across different
> positions in the file) the commented "local variables" structure near
> the end of the file. The latter two variants only apply if I am right
> about #+BIND lines applying only during export (whereas the magic
> emacs lines should create buffer-local bindings).

Aloha Yu,

I favor Eric Schulte's solution for reproducible research, which you can
find here:


The trick is to launch a fresh instance of Emacs and supply it with an
initialization file tailored to the content.  Eric uses a Makefile for
this, and I've been able to copy and tweak his Makefile for use on other


Thomas S. Dye

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