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[O] {Feature Request] Have org-capture-refile treat the buffer from whic

From: Brian van den Broek
Subject: [O] {Feature Request] Have org-capture-refile treat the buffer from which org-capture was called as current buffer
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 02:00:57 +0200

Hi all,

My org-refile-targets definition includes

((nil :maxlevel . 5)
 (org-agenda-files :maxlevel . 10)
 ;; snip irrelevant details

The list starting with nil works fine to allow me to refile items from
within an org file being visited to that same file irrespective of
whether that file appears elsewhere in the org-refile-targets
definition and that is indeed useful.

However, most of the time I am wanting to refile to an occasional use
(thus, not in org-refile-targets) org file, the desire arises when I
am working in that file and want to use org-capture to get an item
with one of my capture templates' boilerplate materials included. From
within the org-capture buffer, org-capture-refile doesn't offer the
buffer from which org-capture was invoked as a target (unless, of
course, it is visiting a file otherwise specified in

That behaviour is completely in keeping with org-refile-targets'
docstring: "Nil means consider headings in the current buffer." After
all, once org-capture has been invoked, the capture-buffer is the
current buffer.

What I would like is for nil in org-refile-targets to mean is
"consider headings in the current buffer unless that buffer is a
capture buffer, in which case consider headings in the buffer from
which org-capture was invoked". (Actually, what I would really like is
for someone to point out that this is already possible and to forgive
my failure to find out how on my own ;-)

Thanks and best,

Brian vdB

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