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[O] Showing evaluation buffer while executing source blocks?

From: Klaus-Dieter Bauer
Subject: [O] Showing evaluation buffer while executing source blocks?
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2012 13:20:51 +0100


I wondered if there is a way to show the evaluation buffer (if any)
during evaluation of commands -- in particular when the command takes
a long time (e.g. when trying to document a building process involving
`make' invocations) waiting for the command to finish is counter
productive. Even worse if the command used turns out to cause an
infinite loop.

If not possible yet: At least in the case of session based evaluation,
this would "simply" mean a construct of the form
  : (save-excursion
  :     <<start the session if not yet started>>
  :     (display-buffer <<session buffer>>)
  :     <<send commands to session>>)

The idea came up because I'm currently trying to document the building
process of mathematical libraries (matplotlib, numpy, scipy) under
Cygwin -- building those is pretty tricky there. And waiting for a
`make' invocation to finish before seeing any result... well ^^'

On a side note, as mentioned in the "[O] [bug] cannot execute shell
code blocks" thread, for shell commands sadly this "simple" solution
won't work, as session based evaluation never returns from the

"simple" because: I couldn't figure out where this would have to be done ^^'

king regards, Yu

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