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[O] org mobile problems

From: Richard Riley
Subject: [O] org mobile problems
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 15:22:42 +0000
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I have a certain journal (journal.org) which causes org-mobile-push to
crash and leave a massive backtrace. I havent attached it here as it
takes my netbook abot ten minutes to copy it and another ten to paste it
in emacs for some reason, so delaying providing that I though I would
exclude it :

if org-mobile-files-exclude-regexp is set to "journal" and org-mobile-files is
set to "(org-agenda-files)" then the excludes are not applied : indeed
the doc says the full contents of org-agenda-files is used unrestricted.

I would like a way to rely on org-agenda-files since the files alter
daily - some added some removed and I dont want an explcit filename
list. Indeed, org-agenda-files is set to  ("~/.orgfiles"
"~/.orgfiles/projects") so the agenda is all the files in these

So, how to exclude certain files from the mobile ones based on regexp
when the org-files variable is set to point to directories?



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