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Re: [O] A bit more feedback on org-publish-all

From: François Pinard
Subject: Re: [O] A bit more feedback on org-publish-all
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 09:56:03 -0500
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Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:

> (message "foo") prints to stderr in batch mode, which is an unbuffered
> stream. E.g ``emacs --batch -l foo.el'' with foo.el containing

> (message "foo")
> (sit-for 10)

> prints out ``foo'' and then sits for 10 seconds before exiting.

Hi, Nick.

It seems you are right.  I initially guessed that -batch might have
Emacs to allocate an output buffer, or at least do it when output is not
directed to a terminal.  But it even works as you say if I do:

emacs 2>&1 --batch -l foo.el | cat

This is more similar to my actual usage, which really is:

        write = sys.stderr.write
        for line in os.popen('emacs 2>&1 -batch'
                             ' -l ~/fp/notes/publish.el'
                             ' -f org-publish-all'):
            write(repr(line) + '\n')

The write(...) and the flush() are only there for debugging: I wanted to
see if the lines are delivered timely or not (and I'm seemingly getting
the Emacs output in one blow).  I just do not understand why the
behavior differs between the "... | cat" line and the Python excerpt.
I'm surely missing something somewhere...  Sigh!

> Also, don't you get messages for every file?

Yes, and these messages usually say: "Skipping unmodified file ..."

On the "entertaining side", this is too much noise; I would have
preferred a mere line per project.  Not a big deal anyway for me.  On
the "debugging side", this is sufficient indeed.

> I would recommend looking at the worg publishing mechanism in
> general. See
>   http://orgmode.org/worg/worg-setup.html
> particularly the sections entitled 
>   - What .emacs.el file is used on the server?
>   - I want it for my own server!

Hey, thanks for this pointer, Nick; there seems to be useful hints or
tricks in there.  I'm saving it for later study.

I plan to progressively convert more of my previous pages to Org format,
and use it more for new pages too, as Org format and mode are so nice
for maintenance.  I plan to retain a few reStructuredText sources as
such, as reST also has it virtues for publishing.  I also hope that Org
publishing offers me opportunities for experimenting (OK, OK: toying!)
with new HTML/CSS avenues, I'm not familiar enough to be sure yet.


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