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[O] MobileOrg Android 0.8.0 Released, many new features!

From: Matthew Jones
Subject: [O] MobileOrg Android 0.8.0 Released, many new features!
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 07:59:49 -0500

MobileOrg for Android has gone through a lot of changes recently. We've added a lot of great features that users have been asking for and fixed some big issues that have been bothering people.

If you have tried MobileOrg in the past and have difficulties with it or it didn't have a feature you wanted then I hope you'll give it another try.

Some of the great new features:

- New Storage System (org content is now stored in the database)
- Search Support
- Android Calendar Integration (with reminders)
  This will also allow you to sync your org schedules and deadlines into a Google Calendar.
- Synchronize over SSH/SCP
  Password only, looking to implement key-based auth in the future
- Locale/Tasker Plugin
  Trigger a sync action from any conditions
- Self-signed ssl webdav certificates
  Intelligent handling, will also warn you if the certificate changes
- Edit tags
- Capture only mode
- Complete UI revamp
- Spanish translation
- Improved synchronization system
- Improved edit and capture modes
- Full documentation in wiki

You can find more release information on the wiki: 


We've also written more complete documentation including screenshots:


Henning Weiss has been instrumental in this release, he implemented a lot of the nice features you see here.  We are still in active development and appreciate your feedback.

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