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Re: [O] MobileOrg 0.8.1 for Android

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: [O] MobileOrg 0.8.1 for Android
Date: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 17:26:32 +0100
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Tom Regner <address@hidden> writes:

> With the Calendar integration I use the "Calendar Widget" to that
> purpose;

I export ics files from "real" org in an after-save-hook, and a cron job
uploads them to some URLs, and finally those are imported into my google
calendar.  That works pretty well, except that if I'd capture a new item
on my phone, it won't hit the calendar before it hit my normal org...

I'll give the calendar integration a try when I have some time.  How
does it work?  Create real entries is some ICS file?  If so, does it
also modify/delete items when I change them in MobileOrg (or org)?

> So while the widget redesign is in the making, you could do that as
> well; with the momentum mobileorg-android hasr at the momement, you
> probably will not wait /that/ long :-)

Good to hear. :-)


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