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Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:01:39 -0500

Jambunathan K <address@hidden> wrote:

> Nick
> What Brian is saying is this and I am interpreting.
> There is a line by line correspondence between the two files. So,
> 1. Put the English file under version control and check it in.
> 2. Overwrite the English file with the Sanskrit file (remember to
>    preserve line by line correspondence) and check the sanskrit file in.
> 3. Now do a C-x v u to launch ediff on the two versions of the file. Two
>    windows will pop up and IIRC, you can arrange for the windows to be
>    either arranged side by side or one on top of another.
> 4. Press q on Ediff control panel so that diff overlays are removed
>    while leaving the windows intact.

I don't understand what the first four steps do for you.

> 5. Now do M-x scroll-all-mode so that the two windows scroll
>    together. Cursor position in the two windows can be used to guiding
>    the eyeballs of the audience.

All you need for this is two side-by-side windows with the two files and
scroll-all-mode[fn:1]. Ediff (and source control) is irrelevant -

If only hl-line-highlight played well with scroll-all-mode...

> An advanced option will be to siphon off each stanza in the recital in
> to separate files of their own and put the sanskrit and english files in
> separate directories (but with the same name) as below.
> english/stanza1
> english/stanza2
> sanskrit/stanza1
> sanskrit/stanza2
> Then one can do M-x ediff-directories to have all the stanzas show up
> and then launch ediff on each of the stanzas.

I might try this to see how it works but it'd take more time than I can
afford right now.



[fn:1] I was looking for that and didn't find it - thanks for pointing
       it out. I thought at first that follow-mode was what was needed,
       but that wasn't it.

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