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Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org

From: Daniel Clemente
Subject: Re: [O] multilingual presentation with org
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:59:35 +0100
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El Wed, 15 Feb 2012 13:33:49 +0530 Rustom Mody va escriure:
> Now I am exploring how I could 'zip' the two together. My requirements are 
> like this:
> Any thoughts/suggestions?

  I made a small markup language which lets you write it in this way:

A song in English and Sanskrit:

@en bhaja govindam bhaja govindam
@sa भज गोविंदं भज गोविंदं

@en govindam bhaja mUDhamate
@sa गोविंदं भज मूढमते

@en saMprApte sannihite kAle
@sa संप्राप्ते सन्निहिते काले

@en nahi nahi rakShati DukrinkaraNe
@sa नहि नहि रक्षति डुकृंकरणे


  You run it through a script and you obtain two files, one with all the @en 
and the other with all the @sa. The common text goes to both.
  The script is at http://www.danielclemente.com/dislines/index.en.html

  How to integrate this approach with org's outline… is a challenge. One header 
per language? One property per language? Inline headers?…


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