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Re: [O] Integration of RefTeX and LaTeX export

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] Integration of RefTeX and LaTeX export
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 12:59:58 -0500

Andreas Willig <address@hidden> wrote:

> it is a version problem. I have just downloaded the latest version of
> org-mode (7.8.03) and now the handler gets called.

So what version were you using? The only likely fix I found was this
commit from almost two years ago:

| commit 8a671f8d4da0066417d9dd78fffb42ea1fe9ec9d
| Author: Carsten Dominik <address@hidden>
| Date:   Wed May 12 15:14:17 2010 +0200
|     LaTeX export: Use special formatting by link type interface
|     Patch by Christian Moe, who writes:
|     > It looks like support for formatting custom link types in LaTeX export
|     > is broken?
|     >
|     > I was trying to implement a custom link type with its own formatting
|     > function for HTML and LaTeX export, following the steps in
|     > org-bbdb.el.
|     >
|     > I've found that org-bbdb-export does not italicize bbdb links in
|     > LaTeX, nor does my own org-cite-export turn my custom =cite:= links
|     > into LaTeX =\cite{}= citations. Everything works fine in HTML export,
|     > but in LaTeX all custom link types get formatted as =\texttt{descr}=.
|     >
|     > I see that org-export-as-html and org-export-as-docbook look up
|     > org-link-protocols to get the function for formatting the link, but it
|     > seems that org-export-as-latex doesn't.
|     >
|     >

and git describe says:

| $ git describe 8a671f8d
| release_6.36-19-g8a671f8

so yours must have been pre-6.36 or thereabouts, i.e. probably whatever was
built-in with your (23.2-based?) emacs.

If you were indeed using such an ancient version, I think you will be
*much* happier with latest.

> Sorry for the fuss ...

No fuss, no muss.


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