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[O] question about org-latex-regexps

From: Colin Fraizer
Subject: [O] question about org-latex-regexps
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 12:32:48 -0500

The variable org-latex-regexps has an element

    ("$" "\\([^$]\\|^\\)\\(\\(\\$\\([^
\r\n,.$]\\)\\$\\)\\)\\([-       .,?;:'\")\000]\\|$\\)" 2 nil)

The 6th nested subexpression (starts with "\\([-") prevents conversion of
some latex math-mode stuff.

Is there a reason for that subexpression to be so restrictive? Because I
mostly write UTF-8 org-mode documents, I often have "$<some math>$" followed
immediately by an EN DASH or EM DASH (U+2013 or U+2014). Is there a reason
why those characters could not be inserted in that character class?

That is, could I change that subexpression to be "\\([---
.,?;:'\")\000]\\|$\\)" ?

[I've tried it with a couple of files and didn't notice any problems.


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