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[O] Selectively export RESULTS

From: cberry
Subject: [O] Selectively export RESULTS
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 21:04:47 -0800
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I sometimes create large documents with many dozens of src blocks and
associated #+RESULTS.

I'd like to be able to grab some of these results blocks and export them
into a document. Since revisions of the src blocks can change the
results, I do not want to just and to copy and paste the results in case
I need to revise the sub-document(s).

And with long running blocks, I do not want to use a noweb strategy to
rerun the code in the src blocks.

As an example, I might have this in a file with many other headlines
and src blocks:

| * Selectively Export Some Results
|   :EXPORT_FILE_NAME: Selected_Results.pdf
|   :EXPORT_TITLE: Selected Results
|   :END:
| Here are the results from block named "Ablock":
| #+CALL: show-results("Ablock")
| and here they are for a block named "Bblock":
| #+CALL: show-results("Bblock")

and if I put point on the headline and type C-c @ C-c C-e d, I'd like
to have a document that includes the two results blocks in it after each CALL 

It looks like many of the pieces I need are available, but I don't see
how to stitch them together to create the show-results() function.



Charles C. Berry                            Dept of Family/Preventive Medicine
cberry at ucsd edu                          UC San Diego
http://famprevmed.ucsd.edu/faculty/cberry/  La Jolla, San Diego 92093-0901

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