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Re: [O] [BABEL] Redirect stderr to stdout?

From: Viktor Rosenfeld
Subject: Re: [O] [BABEL] Redirect stderr to stdout?
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 20:47:14 +0100
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Hi Eric,

Eric Schulte wrote:

> Currently the only action Babel takes with STDERR is to display it in a
> pop-up buffer when code block evaluation fails.  

On my system (OS X) the buffer does not popup. I just tried

echo foo 1>&2

in Aquamacs and Cocoa Emacs. Strangely, the output seems to be lost
entirely. Normally, stderr is captured in another buffer which I have to
open manually.

> It would certainly be
> possible to add :results header argument to incorporate STDERR into
> results (and this desire has been expressed previously).  Reasonable
> combination options would likely include (at least) the following.
> | stderr-only | return stderr instead of stdout    |
> | 2>&1        | interleave stderr and stdout       |
> | concat      | add stderr to the end of stdout    |
> | list        | return a list of stderr and stdotu |
> The best (read simple and extensible) implementation and syntax for this
> behavior is not obvious to me (and I simply don't have time).  If you
> (or anyone on the list) have any interest in hacking elisp code the
> place to start would be `org-babel-eval' for a serious implementation,
> or an quick hack may be possible through customization of the
> `org-babel-eval-error-notify' function.
> Hope this helps.

Okay, thanks. My elisp skills are very rudimentary and this is beyond
me. Maybe somebody else will pick it up if the interest is big enough.


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