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[O] [Jambunathan K] Re: Figure and table captions in org-odt.el

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: [O] [Jambunathan K] Re: Figure and table captions in org-odt.el
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 00:02:59 +0530
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Martin G├╝rtler <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi,
> I was trying to localise the captions of figures or tables. This seems
> not to be built-in (in contrast to the built-in localisation of
> table-of-contents). I wonder whether it is easily possible to get
> "Abbildung 1: ..." instead of the automatic "Figure 1: ..."  in figure
> (and table) captions.

I have added support for this a few minutes ago.  Please discard/undo my
earlier suggestion and try configuring the new variable instead (see

With this change applied and *after* exporting the document via the ODT
exporter, you may want to:

1. create a figure/table index with Insert->Indexes and Tables->Indexes
   and Tables etc
2. insert a couple of figures tables etc *by hand*
3. update fields with Tools->Update->Update All

and make sure that you don't get any weird behaviour.

If there are non-English speakers who are reading this message and then
you may want to give me the localized equivalent for Table, Figure,
Equation in your language.

,----[ C-h v org-export-odt-category-strings RET ]
| org-export-odt-category-strings is a variable defined in `org-odt.el'.
| Its value is (("en" "Table" "Figure" "Equation" "Equation")
|  ("de" "Tabelle" "Abbildung" nil nil))
| Original value was 
| (("en" "Table" "Figure" "Equation" "Equation"))
| Documentation:
| Specify category strings for various captionable entities.
| Captionable entity can be one of a Table, an Embedded Image, a
| LaTeX fragment (generated with dvipng) or a Math Formula.
| For example, when `org-export-default-language' is "en", an
| embedded image will be captioned as "Figure 1: Orgmode Logo".
| If you want the images to be captioned instead as "Illustration
| 1: Orgmode Logo", then modify the entry for "en" as shown
| below.
|   (setq org-export-odt-category-strings
|       '(("en" "Table" "Illustration"
|          "Equation" "Equation")))
| You can customize this variable.
| This variable was introduced, or its default value was changed, in
| version 24.1 of Emacs.
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