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[O] Using org-mode as day planner

From: Jack Erwin
Subject: [O] Using org-mode as day planner
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2012 11:41:28 -0600
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I am in the process of trying out org-mode after a long stint with
planner.el.  The most obvious difference here is that planner.el uses
"day pages" that keep a running list of tasks versus the more dynamic
nature of org which collects them from a set of arbitrary .org files. 
While I like the org approach quite a bit, I still miss having a place
to record the events and notes of the a day, for use in a weekly/monthly

For this reason, I started using org-daypage.el, which can be found
here: https://github.com/almost/org-daypage.  Like the author, I ran
into the slowdown caused by loading hundreds of day pages in order to
create the agenda view.  I started playing with this a bit, and have
done the following:

1) Create a single page for each year or month (e.g. 2012.org)
2) When a new day page is requested, I create an enclosure in the month
page that looks like this:
#+BEGIN: daypage :day 2012-08-01
* Here are the items...
#+END: daypage
3) Create commands that will find the right day in the file, and then
create an indirect, narrowed buffer to the contents of the day for editing.
4) Add an org-agenda-after-show-hook to load the proper day page view
when switching from the agenda.

So, a couple of questions:

1) Is this a sane approach?  My elisp is average at best, and the
org-mode devs could probably think of a more graceful way to do this.

2) Is there a reason that the org-agenda-after-show-hook is only called
when using org-agenda-goto and not org-agenda-switch-to, or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.


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