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[O] Latest version of Org-mode 7.8.3?

From: Ciaran Mulloy
Subject: [O] Latest version of Org-mode 7.8.3?
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2012 22:28:57 +0000 (UTC)
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I'm relatively new to org-mode and a non-techie but grappling by and large with
the steep learning curve and enjoying it!

I had a simple question that I haven't been able to get an easy answer to. 
I've just compiled the latest build of emacs 24.1 from the gnu.org website which
currently has the latest build of org-mode (7.8.11 I believe).

I've also cloned the bleeding edge git repository onto my PC (as I'm interested
in getting the benefit of recent patches for exporting to Taskjuggler 3) and did
a make into my ~/elisp directory.

My question: how do I validate that I have the latest build version of org-mode
running as when I do a 'M-x org-version' I just get the answer '7.8.11'.

I've put a line in my .emacs file to add my ~/elisp directory to my load path
however it's not clear how I get emacs to load the newer files I've compiled to
my ~/elisp directory over the existing emacs 24.1 build.

I've gone through the FAQ section on the org-mode website and couldn't seem to
find any hints for my issue.


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