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[O] [ANN] Letter modes in the Groff exporter

From: Luis Anaya
Subject: [O] [ANN] Letter modes in the Groff exporter
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2012 06:46:05 -0400
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This is probably the last major feature to be implemented in the Groff

This is to announce that support for the letter building
macros (WA/WE/IA/IE/LO and LT) are now available in the Groff
exporter. This feature allows you to write business communications in
standard format which are provided by the means of new document classes,
namely: block, semiblock, full block, and simplified. It also
allows the use of cover sheets to build custom letter heads. 

Org will present a consistent mechanism for letter writing regardless of
the underlying macro calls. The objective during development was to hide 
as much as possible much of the implementation nuances in Groff. 

Samples are available at: 


(I am using box instead of the pogoplug share because it was more convenient
to upload the files... call me lazy. :P )


Luis Anaya
papo anaya aroba hot mail punto com
"Do not use 100 words if you can say it in 10" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

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