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Re: [O] Org Build System (aka Makefile)

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] Org Build System (aka Makefile)
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 08:13:48 +0200
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Eric Schulte writes:
> I second the idea that a top level 'make elint' would be very useful for
> developers (see the attached patch).

I'll see to implement that when and if I get elint to process the Org
sources without throwing bogus warnings and errors because it runs into
some depth limit.  Until then I will not expose it on top level.

I take it you're not using `elint-current-buffer´ before checking your
edits in… which is how it was designed to be used, anyway.

> In my opinion this would be more useful than a number of existing
> top-level targets,
> config-*,

Try to replace that functionality any other way.  I could hide the
internal targets and document only the two or three that I want to be
used (see below).

> update


> update2,

This was specifically requested, not that I like it very much.

> cleanall,


> cleandirs, cleancontrib, cleantesting, cleanutils, cleanelc

Internal use and compatibility, I could remove the documentation if
Bastien changes his mind about all the target needing documentation.

> targets

Mandated by GNU Makefile standards which I try to adhere to.

> But many more people will use such a target if it exists at the top
> level and is mentioned by "make help".

Speculation.  I know that I won't use it very much because it simply
runs far too long on my machine.  An elint-dirty that just runs through
the files that have been changed would probably be much more useful, but
the time that could have been spent on trying to implement that went to
bikeshedding about which file to edit.  Thanks.

You found the time and energy to edit Makefile and targets.mk, so
presumably you might be able to edit local.mk as well as I suggested
numerous times.  So please go ahead and actually do it and then after
you've used elint for a while tell me how useful you find it from your
experience and if there are other things that need attending aside from
that depth limit.  Get other people to use it too, and have them chime

> +elint:
> +     $(MAKE) -b _COMPILE_=slint3

This introduces a useless fork and GNU make doesn't even process the
'-b' option.  What happens then depends on what is the default target
(which may or may not include `compile´).

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