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Re: [O] Regarding org-ehtml feature not working

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] Regarding org-ehtml feature not working
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2012 09:54:22 -0600
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Please try following the steps listed in this README file.

Note that they do *not* include starting a server with
elnode-make-webserver.  I believe that your problems is that
elnode-make-webserver is creating a server which simply serves the files
for download and you are not actually starting an org-ehtml server.

Hope this helps,

Nitin Agarwal <address@hidden> writes:

> 1. I downloaded the elnode package and tested it using the my-test-handler
> function on a specific port.
> 2. the elnode server worked fine and the prints the word HELLO! which is
> defined in the my-test-handler function.
> 3. then i installed the package org-plus-contrib-20120928. After the
> installation of the package it showed passed but i failed due appear.
> 4. then i installed the org-ehtml package and then make the server using
> elnode-make-webserver and specified the directory where orgmode files are
> kept.
> then i have to take the handler function defined in the org-ehtml-server.el
> file and get it evalauted in the buffer. the handler function name is
> org-ehtml handler which i mentioned while starting the server for the
> orgmode files.
> 5. after that started the elnode server on the specific port and then when
> i open the localhost on the same specified port then the files present are
> being listed.
> and when i open localhost:port-num/myfile.org if this file present in the
> directory then it asks the user whether to save the file or to open it
> using any editor same as when
> the download option comes when saving files from the browser or so.
> So instead of opening the files in the browser as editable web page, it is
> asking us whether to save it or not.
> i have attached one document which is written in details as on how to view
> orgmode file as an editable web page.so you can have a look at that for
> reference.
> thanks
> On Fri, Niov 2, 2012 at 5:34 PM, Eric Schulte <address@hidden>wrote:
>> I don't understand what exactly is wrong.
>> Please post step-by-step instructions so that I can reproduce the
>> problem locally.
>> Thanks,
>> Nitin Agarwal <address@hidden> writes:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > When i tried the org mode files to view as editable web page  again on
>> > different pc from scratch then the elnode server is working fine.i have
>> > tested my elnode serve using the test-handler function.but after
>> installing
>> > the org-plus-20120928 and org-ehtml package i am not able to view the the
>> > org-file as editable web page.
>> > and it is asking me to download the file or to open it. the
>> > org-ehtml-handler function did not came and theni took the org-ehtml
>> > function from the source code of
>> > org-ehtml-server.el file and evaluated the org-ehtml function in the
>> buffer.
>> > So help me in identifying the mistake.also tell me the correct
>> > org-ehtml-handler function which i should mention while starting the
>> elnode
>> > server.
>> > kindly reply back with your suggestions.
>> --
>> Eric Schulte
>> http://cs.unm.edu/~eschulte

Eric Schulte

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