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Re: [O] [new exporter] what is the label syntax for LaTeX export?

From: Myles English
Subject: Re: [O] [new exporter] what is the label syntax for LaTeX export?
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2012 21:08:55 +0000
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Hi Nicolas,

Nicolas Goaziou writes:

> Myles English <address@hidden> writes:
>> So, the label tab:niceone exports as \label{tab-niceone}.  Is that right
>> or am I using the wrong syntax somewhere?
> The correct syntax is:
>   [[tab:niceone]]
> It will allow to move back and forth between the link and the target and
> it will work across back-ends.

Thanks for correcting me.

One problem I am having is that the exported LaTeX replaces the ":" with
a "-" to become \ref{tab-niceone} which precludes the use of (e.g.)
\autoref which would need to know that the thing being referenced was a
table by recognising the "tab:", no?  I am sure there is a good reason
for this, can you say why?  In the meantime I will investigate filters.
I only really use \autoref out of laziness anyway so I could just
replace the ":" in all my currently defined labels.

> The new exporter comes with a cross-referencing system. Another example:
>   1. item 1
>   2. <<itm>>item 3
>   As one can see in item [[itm]], ...
> will be exported as "As one can see in item 2, ...".

That will definately be useful.



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