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[O] Include a limited level of subheadings for export/publish?

From: Phil! Gold
Subject: [O] Include a limited level of subheadings for export/publish?
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 11:48:22 -0500
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I've been through all of the export and publishing documentation and what
I could find about includes and I can't see a way to do what I want to

I have multiple org files, each of which represents a project, with the
first level headings representing milestones for the project and lower
headings providing more detail.  I currently publish these as HTML for my
manager to peruse.  I would like to construct, as automatically as
possible, an overview page for my manager.  I would like to be able to
list my active and inactive projects and, for each one, include just the
milestone headings from the project file, ideally any SCHEDULED, DEADLINE,
or CLOSED timestamps on the headings.  I haven't found anything that seems
to come close to doing what I want.  Any pointers to similar examples,
useful functions or settings, and the link would be appreciated.

For a concrete example, say I have the following two project files.

# project-a.org
* DONE Milestone A-1
  CLOSED: [2012-11-01 Thu 15:54] DEADLINE: <2012-11-01 Thu>
** Milestone details
* STARTED Milestone A-2
* TODO Milestone A-3
  Some descriptive text.

# project-b.org
* STALLED Milestone B-1
  DEADLINE: <2012-11-05 Mon>
* TODO Milestone B-3
* Future Goal
** Future goal details.

I would like to do something that gets me HTML output similar to the

<h2>Projects In Progress</h2>

<h3>Project A</h3>
<h4>DONE Milestone A-1</h4>
<p>CLOSED: 2012-11-01 Thu 15:54 DEADLINE: 2012-11-01 Thu</p>
<h4>STARTED Milestone A-2</h4>
<h4>TODO Milestone A-3</h4>

<h3>Project B</h3>
<h4>STALLED Milestone B-1</h4>
<p>DEADLINE: 2012-11-05 Mon</p>
<h4>TODO Milestone B-3</h4>
<h4>Future Goal</h4>

<h2>Future Projects</h2>
<!-- So on and so forth... -->

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