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Re: [O] end-of-line behaviour [was: (no subject)]

From: Kevin Buchs
Subject: Re: [O] end-of-line behaviour [was: (no subject)]
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 15:02:18 -0600

I'm running version 7.8.10 of org-mode. I think I should grab an
update. I did see some recent discussion which cued by memory but I
thought since I was not using visual-line-mode that it did not apply.

What an interesting title your group has!

- Kevin Buchs

On Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 1:50 PM, Toby Cubitt <address@hidden> wrote:
> This sounds like it might be related to recent end-of-line changes and an
> even more recent (not yet applied) patch I posted.
> On Wed, Nov 07, 2012 at 12:50:20PM -0600, Kevin Buchs wrote:
>> I would like to solve a problem I have: C-e (org-end-of-line) does not
>> move to the end of the line with long lines that are not headings. I
>> find myself wanting to get to the end of a long line often and have to
>> hit multiple C-e sequences to get there. I don't have the
>> org-special-ctrl-a/e set to non-nil.
> Which version of org-mode are you running?
> I can't reproduce this in a recent git checkout. With visual-line-mode
> off and org-special-ctrl-a/e nil, C-e goes straight to the (real) end of
> the line in one go.
> On the other hand, with the same settings, C-a doesn't go back to the
> *beginning* of the line in one go for me. This bug is fixed by the patch
> I posted to the list.
>> My line-move-visual value is the default value of t, so I get the
>> end-of-visual-line movement one screen's worth.
> At least in the latest git, end-of-line doesn't even check the value of
> line-move-visual, so it's setting shouldn't have any effect at all on
> org-end-of-line. (org-beginning-of-line *does* check line-move-visual; my
> patch fixes this to check visual-line-mode instead.)
>> Before I start hacking, I thought I should be clear on the design goals
>> here. It seems as if the declaration of line-move-visual says it is
>> dealing with vertical motion, not horizontal motion. I don't see any
>> behavior elsewhere that uses the interpretation that line-move-visual
>> is for horizontal motion. Anyone have thoughts on this subject?
> Agreed (see the recent discussion thread about my patch).
>> BTW - I posted this back in May, but I neglected to keep the topic alive.
> Looks like you're not the only one trying to fix this :)
> Toby
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> Dr T. S. Cubitt
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> Department of Mathematics
> Complutense University
> Madrid, Spain
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