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Re: [O] Need tip/suggesting:org-mode for note taking

From: Jason F. McBrayer
Subject: Re: [O] Need tip/suggesting:org-mode for note taking
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2012 10:21:17 -0500
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On 2012-11-08 4:58, 包乾 wrote:

1. I am not familiar with taking notes in plain text file. Usually
plain text file means hard to navigate, hard to read, ugly
structure, to me.  Emacs could handle org file quite well, but
WITHOUT emacs, on windows pc, on mobile device, plain txt is just

For mobile devices, you can use MobileOrg on iOS or Android. Also, on
most Android tablets, you can use Emacs[1] itself.

For MS Windows, you can install Emacs normally, or, if you're
concerned about using your Org-Mode notes on other peoples' computers,
you may want to try Portable Emacs[2] on a USB flash drive.

You can also, in a pinch, use any other text editor (that is smart
enough to handle cross-platform line endings), though, of course,
you'll lose the folding and highlighting features that make org-mode
files easy to navigate.

2. I don't know how organize all my contents when it become more and
more. With a hand writing notebook, I have physical "pages", in
Microsoft Word, I also have virtual "pages". In org-mode org file, I
don't. It's like my org file is a endless roll of toilet
paper(forgive me for being rude)! And I think it's the main reason
makes me feels so uncomfortable to handle org file.

You can use top-level headlines for this, and always fold headlines
that you're not looking at. Some other people have also metioned
tags. The agenda and sparse trees are other ways org-mode offers of
looking at subsets of your data.

3. Hard to import pictures, web pages...into org file.(In fact I don't
know how).

You can use hyperlinks in org-mode to link to things basically
anywhere (on the web, on your hard drive, etc.), but if you want
something like Evernote, you *probably* want to read the org info node
on "Attachments".

Hope this helps!

[1]: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zielm.emacs
[2]: http://esnm.sourceforge.net/EmacsPortable.html

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