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Re: [O] Bug: source code editing using C-c ' (org-edit-special) eats cha

From: Eric Fraga
Subject: Re: [O] Bug: source code editing using C-c ' (org-edit-special) eats characters
Date: Fri, 9 Nov 2012 13:49:20 +1030
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Eric Schulte <address@hidden> writes:


> In any Org-mode buffer create and enter an empty code block, I like to
> do this with "<s TAB sh DOWNARROW" resulting in the following with the
> cursor at C
> #+begin_src sh
> C
> #+end_src
> Then "C-'" into edit mode type "foo bar" do *not* type enter, and then
> do a "C-'" again to go back to the Org-mode buffer.  You are left with
> the following in the Org-mode buffer, which is not valid Org.
> #+begin_src sh
>   foo bar#+end_src
> This is a relatively new problem which I only begun to notice in the
> last month or so.

I was hit by this the other day.  Not a serious issue but it hadn't
happened to me before.

: Eric S Fraga, GnuPG: 0xC89193D8FFFCF67D
: in Emacs and Org release_7.9.2-561-g6e31cf

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