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[O] Bug: Exporting table with footnote to LaTeX [7.9.2]

From: Bill Jackson
Subject: [O] Bug: Exporting table with footnote to LaTeX [7.9.2]
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2012 15:45:09 -0800
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When exporting to LaTeX, any footnotes inside a table are missing the closing curly brace.

For example, a footnote such as:
   | Field 1[fn:: A footnote.] | Field 2 |
is exported to LaTeX as:
 Field 1\footnote{A footnote.  \\
Note that the closing curly brace is missing from the footnote.

The code for generating the LaTeX appears to be in org-latex.el at line 2,463, and looks correct to me.  Perhaps the closing brace is removed later?

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