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Re: [O] Erroneous "No such file or directory" with babel and remote dir

From: Achim Gratz
Subject: Re: [O] Erroneous "No such file or directory" with babel and remote dir
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:31:48 +0100
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Nick Dokos writes:
> The first set of code transformations (implemented as commit
> 63b5f8f2e85b3059a2d30041db6939347a7a2d7d) dealt with the situation by
> doing a mass substitution: flet --> org-flet and labels --> org-labels
> (and in at least one case, flet --> org-labels to deal with a
> recursive definition - I presume that was a preexisting bug that was
> fixed by this substitution) and adding compatibility aliases in
> org-compat.el to use the cl-flet/cl-labels macros from cl.el in emacs
> versions >= 24.1.50.

As has slowly transpired in the meantime, there is no substitution for
the deprecated flet.  The new cl-flet does lexical instead of dynamical
binding of the function slot and the other alternatives have other
subtle differences that don't really seem to be documented in a single

> So the moral of the story is that the code transformations have *not*
> left functionality unchanged. Something went awry but to be honest, I
> don't know what. I didn't spend much time on it because of what I
> found out next.
> And is this the only problem? Probably not: every flet->let
> transformation would have to be scrutinized.

Thanks for this extensive explanation.  I don't know if that might
convince Stefan Monnier to un-deprecate letf, you'd not be the only one
to be rattling his cage on this issue.

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