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[O] How to force markup without spaces

From: cinsky
Subject: [O] How to force markup without spaces
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2012 14:32:21 +0900


AFAIK, if the markup syntax (=code=, *bold*, ..) is directly followed
by non-whitespace characters, then it will not be marked-up:


This may be right decision on English text, but in some languages, the
postposition (grammar) will be postfixed without spaces into the
previous noun, so it will be the trouble.  (Following text contains
Korean characters in UTF-8, you may need additional korean font to
read properly)


I'm sure that some other languages will have same problem
(e.g. Japanese or Chinese).

Is there any way to force mark-up on this situation?

If this pattern cannot be implemented easily, how about to introduce
new escaping character to prevent to insert whitespace between
marked-up text and the following postfix text?  For example:

  =printf=\is      => rendered in HTML: <code>printf</code>is
  *bold*\asdf      => rendered in HTML: <b>bold</b>asdf
  /철수/\는        => rendered in HTML: <i>철수</i>는

I can't say the above solution is well-designed, but I'm sure that
you'll get the point.


C FAQ: http://www.eskimo.com/~scs/C-faq/top.html
Korean Ver: http://www.cinsk.org/cfaqs/

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