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Re: [O] Why does export of images to LaTeX requires either org-special-b

From: Francesco Pizzolante
Subject: Re: [O] Why does export of images to LaTeX requires either org-special-blocks or org-jsinfo?
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 15:37:24 +0100
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Hi Suvayu,

> Those modules are optional.  How do you write your links in the org
> file?  To be included in LaTeX export with includegraphics, the
> description part of the link should be empty.  e.g.
>   [[/path/to/image]]
> This creates an inline image in the final pdf.

That's exactly what I do and it works perfectly until you do this (trying to
load as few modules as possible):

    │ (setq org-modules nil)

Then, you'll see that images will be exported as links instead of images
(\href instead of \includegraphics).

What I don't understand is that you fix the issue by loading either
org-special-blocks or org-jsinfo (uncommenting one of these 2 lines):

    │ (require 'org-special-blocks)
    │ ;;(require 'org-jsinfo)

Thus, it seems like these packages are not optional (or, at least, of the 2)
to get the correct export of inline images to LaTeX.

Any idea why this behavior?


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