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[O] [ANN] e-latex back-end: changes to attributes syntax

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: [O] [ANN] e-latex back-end: changes to attributes syntax
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 17:35:48 +0100


I've changed the attribute syntax for tables, images and lists in
e-latex back-end (new exporter). New this back-end conforms to the
syntax used by Babel and every other back-end.

I've also added support for matrix editing.

Here's an excerpt from the documentation in org-e-latex.el:

    Table export can be controlled with a number of attributes (through
    ATTR_LATEX keyword).
    - The main one is the `:mode' attribute, which can be set to
      `table', `math', `inline-math' and `verbatim'.  In particular,
      when in `math' or `inline-math' mode, every cell is exported
      as-is and the table will be wrapped in a math environment.  Also,
      horizontal rules are ignored.  These modes are particularly
      useful to write matrices.  Default mode is stored in
    - The second most important attribute is `:environment'.  It is the
      environment used for the table and defaults to
      `org-e-latex-default-table-environment' value.  It can be set to
      anything, including "tabularx", "longtable", "array",
    - `:float' attribute defines a float environment for the table.
      Possible values are `sidewaystable', `multicolumn' and `table'.
    - `:width' and `:align' attributes set, respectively, the width of
      the table and its alignment string.
    - `:booktabs', `:center' and `:rmlines' values are booleans.  They
      toggle, respectively "booktabs" usage (assuming the package is
      properly loaded), table centering and removal of every horizontal
      rule but the first one (in a "table.el" table only).
    - `:math-prefix', `:math-suffix' and `:math-arguments' are string
      which will be inserted, respectively, before the table within the
      math environment, after the table within the math environment,
      and between the macro name and the contents of the table.  The
      latter attribute is necessary to matrix macros that require more
      than one argument (i.e. "qbordermatrix").
    Plain lists accept two optional attributes: `:environment' and
    `:options'.  The first one allows to use a non-standard environment
    (i.e. "inparaenum").  The second one allows to specify optional
    arguments for that environment (square brackets are not mandatory).
    Images accept `:float', `:placement' and `:options' as attributes.
    `:float' accepts a symbol among `wrap', `multicolumn', and
    `figure', which defines the float environment for the table (if
    unspecified, an image with a caption will be set in a "figure"
    environment).  `:placement' is a string that will be used as
    argument for the environment chosen.  `:options' is a string that
    will be used as the optional argument for "includegraphics" macro.

Here are some example to illustrate the changes, in particular in the
table area:

#+begin_src org

* Tables

  #+NAME: my-matrix
  #+attr_latex: :mode math :environment array
  #+attr_latex: :math-prefix "\\left(" :math-suffix "\\right)"
  | <l> | <r> |
  | a   |   b |
  | c   |   d |

  This is a reference to matrix [[my-matrix]].

  #+attr_latex: :mode math :environment matrix
  #+attr_latex: :math-prefix "M = \\left(" :math-suffix "\\right)"
  | a | b |
  | c | d |

  #+attr_latex: :mode verbatim
  | a | b |
  | c | d |

  #+attr_latex: :booktabs nil :align |r|l| :float sidewaystable
  | 123 | 123 |
  |   1 |   1 |

  Some inlined matrix
  #+attr_latex: :mode inline-math :environment bsmallmatrix
  | a | b |
  | c | d |
  . As you can see.

  Eventually some bordered matrix:

  #+attr_latex: :mode math :environment bordermatrix
  |     | C_1 | C_2 |
  | L_1 | a   | b   |
  | L_2 | c   | d   |

* Images (from manual)

  #+caption: The black-body emission of the disk around HR 4049
  #+name: fig:SED-HR4049
  #+attr_latex: :options "5cm,angle=90"

  #+attr_latex: :float wrap :placement "{r}{0.4\\textwidth}" :options 


Nicolas Goaziou

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