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[O] [BUG] org-export-with-current-buffer-copy drops local variable WAS:R

From: cberry
Subject: [O] [BUG] org-export-with-current-buffer-copy drops local variable WAS:Re: new exporter - noweb substitution issues
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 21:10:46 -0800
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address@hidden writes:

> address@hidden writes:
>> When I tried to export a large subtree, it took over *5 minutes* to
>> export with release_7.9.2-597-gd4b739.
>> Using the contrib/lisp/*.el files from org-mode-7.8.11
>> it took *5 seconds*.
>> Both cases use:
>>   # Local variables:
>>   # *org-babel-use-quick-and-dirty-noweb-expansion*:t
> Could it be that the buffer local version
> of *org-babel-use-quick-and-dirty-noweb-expansion* got lost??

The answer is "YES".

org-export-with-current-buffer-copy calls org-clone-local-variables
which uses a regexp to detect buffer-local variables, but
*org-babel-use-quick-and-dirty-noweb-expansion* is not detected, so it
gets dropped.

Solution add "\\*org-babel-use-.*dirty.*\\*\\|" or something like that
to the regexp.


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