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Re: [O] hiding footnotes

From: Alan L Tyree
Subject: Re: [O] hiding footnotes
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2012 15:11:57 +1100
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On 29/11/12 14:35, 42 147 wrote:
I should add that Tyree's idea is what I was looking for originally
(changing the face to the text font at least fixed readability).

Ideally, instead of jumping to the footnote section, it would be
collapsible / expandable, much like headings.

Right now having a dedicated footnote section is better than having the
footnote embedded in the body of the text as a giant distracting
parenthesis. That is the worst functionality among the options here.

I admit that I didn't know about the org-footnote-section variable. That helps a lot since many of my footnotes are long (awful legal tradition!).

But I still like the in-line footnote with the ability to hide a la Auctex. I've got no idea how hard it would be to implement, and I certainly don't have the skills.

I'm not complaining: org is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Thanks to everyone involved.



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