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Re: [O] Opendocument export causes error

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] Opendocument export causes error
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 12:22:14 +0530
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(Ignore my earlier mail.  Follow instruction in this mail instead.)

Symptoms tell me that you have a hoaxed installation.

Try this and see if it helps

    M-x list-load-path-shadows RET

Check where all org-odt.el is installed.  Ideally you should see only
two paths - one from vanilla Emacs and one from directory that you are
trying to use right now.

Try this next.

    M-x locate-library RET org-compat RET
    M-x locate-library RET org-odt RET 

    M-x locate-library RET org-compat.el RET
    M-x locate-library RET org-odt.el RET 
    (Note the presence of `.el' in later two commands)

They should all come from the same directory tree.

Try this next.
    M-x load-library RET org-compat.el RET
    M-x load-library RET org-odt.el RET

    (Order of loading should be preserved.  `.el' SHOULD be there)

Now export.  

Look inside your messages buffer and examine what all ODT exporter is
trying to do. 

In all likelihood, you will have a successful export.

For some more debugging, you can do,

    M-x locate-library RET org-install RET
    M-x locate-library RET org-autoloads RET
    M-x locate-library RET org-loaddefs RET

    (Try again the above commands with `.el' appended)

Ideally your .emacs MUST have (require ') for only one of these

If you pass the censored logs from above commands then I or someone in
this list can guess what is possibly wrong.  But my guess is above steps
should suffice to figure out the remedy.

> Dear all,
> Since a while I cannot export to OpenDocument anymore. Instead, I
> always get the error
>   call-interactively: Symbol's value as variable is void: err
> I just updated to Org-mode version 7.9.2 and the problem persists. In
> the archives I found exactly the same problem mentioned (messages from
> 11.07.2012 with subject Compile error in org-odt.el in latest master),
> but I do not understand the solution found then (Rainer Stengele
> reported that he "missed the unzip.exe and now it works").
> Any help? Thanks!
> Best wishes,
> Torsten
> --
> Dr Torsten Anders
> Course Leader, Music Technology
> University of Bedfordshire
> Park Square, Room A315
> http://www.torsten-anders.de


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