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[O] Problem with floating holidays

From: John Burns
Subject: [O] Problem with floating holidays
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 23:06:11 -0600

I am having problems with org-float and floating holidays, in particular the holiday of Thanksgiving, as an example.

I have the following entry in my data file:


* Anniversaries and Holidays

#+CATEGORY: Holiday

%%(org-float t 4 4) Thanksgiving


I know that if I leave this in my file the agenda will show it every fourth Thursday of every month.

How do I tell it that I only want it to happen in the month of November?

I tried to enter the month 11 after the last 4 so that it appears as: %%(org-float t 4 4 11) Thanksgiving.

This did not give me a correct result either.  I have reviewed the forums and the org manual for the answer, but could not find it.

My Emacs version is 23.3.1 and my Org-Mode version is 7.7.

I hope that someone out there has the answer.


Thanking You In Advance,




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