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Re: [O] Opendocument export causes error

From: Torsten Anders
Subject: Re: [O] Opendocument export causes error
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 21:14:15 +0000

Dear Achim,

Thanks a lot for your help! 

> Try adding (require 'org) or alternatively — if you know you never
> use the Org version that comes with Emacs (that means you need to be
> extra careful with things like 'emacs -Q') — (require 'org-loaddefs).

I tried both adding (require 'org) and (require 'org-loaddefs) to ~/.emacs but 
they both make no difference to this problem, I still get the error 

  call-interactively: Symbol's value as variable is void: err

Instead, adding the following to ~/.emacs does work, but this seems to be just 
a hack. Should I really use this?

(load-library "org-compat.el")
(load-library "org-odt.el")

> here's your real-world example of how things don't work if the wrong autoload 
> definitions are used.

Does this mean there are possibly more things that did not load as they should?

Thanks a lot again! 

Best wishes,

Dr Torsten Anders
Course Leader, Music Technology
University of Bedfordshire
Park Square, Room A315

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