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[O] org-edit-special on "inline latex"

From: Jonas Hörsch
Subject: [O] org-edit-special on "inline latex"
Date: Tue, 04 Dec 2012 15:56:58 +0100
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hi list,

i recently switched from using the verbose

  8 &=& 7 + 1

to just the "inline version"

  8 &=& 7 + 1

which is: shorter to write thus also clearer to read and as a welcome
gadget even exports to html as well.

but i see also two drawbacks:
1. syntax highlighting is lost
2. org-edit-special (C-') doesn't switch to auctex anymore[fn:1]

it would be fantastic if it was possible for org-edit-special to work on
an enclosing \begin -- \end region the same way it did on a latex block,
i.e. show a new window with the snippet in latex mode.

in there one would have all the pleasures of syntax highlighting and
auctex shortcuts and whatelse.

is this already possible?



[fn:1] while org-cdlatex-mode is great, i sometimes prefer auctex

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