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Re: [O] Org Writer's room

From: Rainer M Krug
Subject: Re: [O] Org Writer's room
Date: Thu, 06 Dec 2012 10:11:50 +0100
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On 06/12/12 09:36, Jambunathan K wrote:
> I am attaching screen shot of LibreOffice UI.

Nice - I cusomised libreoffice immediately to look like that - nice.

> On the left is the navbar. - You can quickly navigate to any heading, a table 
> or a captioned 
> figure.

Couldn't the navbar from emacs be used for that? I haven't used it in a long 
time, but in ecb
(Emacs Code Browswer) it is used for this - see Screenshots on 
http://ecb.sourceforge.net/ for how
it looks there.

> On the right is the style - one can choose char, paragraph, frame, list 
> styles - at point. - In
> case of Org it will probably be element or point at point.

Not clear what you mean, but I would imagine the properties at cursor location 
(with the different
levels of the properties from file via section to block)

> In the center, toward lower right is the jump to next and prev element arrows.
> So the global view, doc view and local view seems to be pretty universal 
> across all UIs.

Well - kind of ecb for org files - saying that, it might be possible to use ecb 
for that?



>> Matt Price <address@hidden> writes:
>>> On Wed, Dec 5, 2012 at 7:44 PM, Alan L Tyree <address@hidden> wrote:
>>>> On 06/12/12 11:22, Rasmus wrote:
>>>>> Andrew Hyatt <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>>> This sounds like an interesting project.  My advice is to make a few 
>>>>>> screenshots that
>>>>>> give people an idea what you are working towards. Of course, they could 
>>>>>> be completely
>>>>>> fake, but it would be helpful to understand for people like me who 
>>>>>> haven't used
>>>>>> Scrivener.
>>>>> I would also like to see this.  It sounds nice when I read your 
>>>>> description, but I
>>>>> still don't fully appreciate the idea.
>>>>> –Rasmus
>>>> I'm also very interested. I haven't used Scrivener -- what features do you 
>>>> see as making
>>>> org a *way* better writing environment?
>> [...]
>>> To start with I would like to just replicate this window structure, because 
>>> it keeps you
>>> focused on writing, while having the larger structure available if you feel 
>>> the need to
>>> flit around a bit.  The third screenshot shows a semi-fake, still very 
>>> primitive version
>>> of what I'd like to have.  (I haven't figured out a good way to do the 
>>> metadata yet).
>> I *really* like the idea of having a right-hand pane available showing 
>> properties around the
>> current point -- it could include properties from the PROPERTIES drawer, 
>> from the structure
>> returned by `org-element-property', text properties, and maybe properties of 
>> the current
>> headline parent. I'm sort of envisioning what you get from the "inspect 
>> element" command in
>> Firefox.
>> For the left-hand pane, org-toc and org-panel in the contrib directory (or 
>> even the org-goto
>> interface) might provide some inspiration.
>> Ugh, sounds like a lot of work.
>> E

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