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[O] org-caldav: scripting for multiple calnedars?

From: Detlef Steuer
Subject: [O] org-caldav: scripting for multiple calnedars?
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 21:43:02 +0100

Hi David,

org-caldav comes a godsend for me! Fantastic!

I'm on owncloud and the first syncs worked like a charme!

What I'm trying to figure out at the moment, is how to setup a batch so, that
say work.org goes into calendar "work", family.org into calendar "family" etc., 
without asking for  user/password combinations.

Would simply be great!  Any hints greatly appreciated!

Imagine the horror: I even considered moving my appointments under owncloud's 
control ... 

Thanx for org-caldav!


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