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Re: [O] The statement on what is orgmode.

From: brian powell
Subject: Re: [O] The statement on what is orgmode.
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 21:38:49 -0500

> 6. Org-mode: It's difficult to say what exactly Emacs' Org-mode will
> do for you; it's easier to list all things it doesn't do.

Wow! Great thread.

I was going to ask the question "what @isn't@ Emacs OrgMode"--and not in a trite way at all; in a serious way.

Emacs is a mode-less (concurrent major modes and minor modes galore) and an infinitely extensible software tool.

OrgMode is an amazing tool that enables Emacs users the ability to do a huge number of things, very simply and easily.

(E)macs (M)akes (A)ll (C)omputing (S)imple.

I often think: What are the "epistemological" limits of Emacs? What can't you do or find out in Emacs?

Emacs has the fastest regexp engine (in the NFA and "first character descrimination" sense--p.197 MRE, Friedl, et. al) for some things.

OrgMode's table interfaces with EmacsCalc--an extremely high-quality science and math tool.

Seriously, you can do anything in/with Emacs; and, OrgMode works well in most all other major modes in Emacs.

Remember the old icon symbol of Emacs--it literally is a picture of "kitchen sink"--because you can do "everything except the kitchen sink" in Emacs--and therefore OrgMode.

So, again, seriously, this thread is misnamed.  "What can't you do in Emacs/OrgMode?"  What can't it be used for?--this should be the thread!

I'd really like to know.  Every week or two, something comes off my very tiny list, which is just about empty.

Of course we all have computing limits of cpu and hard-drive space etc. so those hard limits will always be the bottleneck as to what Emacs and OrgMode can really be used for--buffers can only be so big.

Theoretically there are no limits here except computing limits--"P vs. NP" is unproven--but P(space) is a hard limit.

Like with so many other things in life; Emacs OrgMode is what you make of it.

If I had to chose: I vote for #1 or something like: "Its your life [organized] in plain text."

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