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Re: [O] "What's new" in an orgmode based website

From: Tony Day
Subject: Re: [O] "What's new" in an orgmode based website
Date: Sat, 8 Dec 2012 14:13:18 +1100

Hi Vikas,

On 6 Dec 2012, at 11:49, Vikas Rawal <address@hidden> wrote:

> I would like to have a section in the index.html that shows links to
> recently changed/added html pages. It would be nice if I could show
> titles of such pages, and create links from these titles to the files.

I'm not sure exactly how to do it purely in org, but 
http://renard.github.com/o-blog/ has similar functionality - if you look 
through the project you might find useful patterns.  The project has a separate 
lisp parser to org-mode but.

An example,

- [[#][/icon-file icon-white/ Tips]]
  - [[file:{lisp}(format "%s/%s" (ob:path-to-root) (ob:post-htmlfile 
(ob:get-last-post "Tips" 0))){/lisp}][{lisp}(ob:post-title (ob:get-last-post 
"Tips" 0)){/lisp}]]
  - [[file:{lisp}(format "%s/%s" (ob:path-to-root) (ob:post-htmlfile 
(ob:get-last-post "Tips" 1))){/lisp}][{lisp}(ob:post-title (ob:get-last-post 
"Tips" 1)){/lisp}]]
  - [[file:{lisp}(format "%s/%s" (ob:path-to-root) (ob:post-htmlfile 
(ob:get-last-post "Tips" 2))){/lisp}][{lisp}(ob:post-title (ob:get-last-post 
"Tips" 2)){/lisp}]]
  - [[file:{lisp}(format "%s/%s" (ob:path-to-root) (ob:post-htmlfile 
(ob:get-last-post "Tips" 3))){/lisp}][{lisp}(ob:post-title (ob:get-last-post 
"Tips" 3)){/lisp}]]
  - [[file:{lisp}(format "%s/%s" (ob:path-to-root) (ob:post-htmlfile 
(ob:get-last-post "Tips" 4))){/lisp}][{lisp}(ob:post-title (ob:get-last-post 
"Tips" 4)){/lisp}]]


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