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[O] babel perl issue

From: flav
Subject: [O] babel perl issue
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 11:54:36 +0100

I am trying to use babel and I don't manage :

#+begin_src perl                                                                                                       
   print "toto\n";                                                                                                     

When I do C-c C-o : No org-babel-execute function for perl!

In my .emacs :
(setq org-src-lang-modes (quote (("ocaml" . tuareg) ("elisp" . emacs-lisp) ("ditaa" . artist) ("asymptote" . asy) ("dot" . fundamental) ("sqlite" . sql) ("calc" . fundamental) ("C" . c) ("cpp" . c++) ("screen" . shell-script) ("perl" . perl))))

M-x org-version :

Org-mode version 7.9.2 (7.9.2-dist @ /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/org/)

I am sorry, I am sure, I have not done it well, but if you can't help me !

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