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Re: [O] info for org not found in emacs

From: Charles
Subject: Re: [O] info for org not found in emacs
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:07:14 -0500
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N.B. I am resending this message; I only replied to Nick and did not send it to the list.

On 12/10/2012 5:26 PM, Nick Dokos wrote:
Charles <address@hidden> wrote:

Info at the command line and "C-h i" from Emacs still bring up the manual for 7.9.1 even though the 7.9.2 org.doc has been downloaded.
Have you done ``make doc'' after downloading?


believe the problem is that the "/elisp/org-mode/doc" is not loaded into the general Cygwin info files and the problem is not updating the manual, guide, etc.

I pulled from git and the manuals were updated during the pull. As you suggested I also ran make doc while in elisp/org-mode and essentially make stated that all files were up to date.

I checked the html, pdf and emacs versions of the manual and all of them are 7.9.2 (release 7.9.2-664-gb1f369). By tghe way I had already commented out any changes to my innit.el file and bash_profile that I made last evening.

When I call info from the command line and also from within emacs version 7.9.1 shows. So does manual corrsepond with the latest org version that was included in the emacs package? Also, even though I use Eric's suggestion and add "~/elsip/org-mode/doc" to the Info-default-directory-list, when I call C-h i the 7.9.1 version is in the info tree, even though "~/elisp/org-mode/doc" is loaded.

As I described earlier my earlier attempt, i.e. added INFOPATH=/home/Charlie/elisp/org-mode/doc/ to my bash_profile loaded the latest org manual into the general info tree but so was org manual version 7.9.1; however, when I was in emacs (the bash_profile was still modified) and called info, only the latest org manual was shown; none of the rest of the info tree was shown and I could not access it.

For users as myself, i.e. one laptop, one user, no network, should INFOPATH be further modified in bash_profile so that the outdated version of Org doc is removed from the info tree and the current one replaces it and at the same time the entire info tree is accessed from emacs?

Set up:
Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Cygwin 1.7.17-1
GNU Emacs 24.2.1(i686-pc-cygwin, GTK+ Version 2.24.11) of 2012-08-27 on fiona
Org-mode version 7.9.2 (release_7.9.2-664-gb1f369 @ /home/Charlie/elisp/org-mode/lisp/)


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