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Re: [O] Some Experiences with org-babel-load-file

From: Jonathan Leech-Pepin
Subject: Re: [O] Some Experiences with org-babel-load-file
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:36:35 -0500


On 11 December 2012 12:01, Memnon Anon <address@hidden> wrote:
Florian Beck <address@hidden> writes:

> 1. `org-babel-load-file' doesn't seem to be in the org docu. The
> instructions on worg are obsolete (mentions `org-install') and
> needlessly complicated. Just putting
> (package-initialize) ;; only if you use the newest org

... and the newest emacs!

> (require 'ob-tangle)
> (org-babel-load-file "/path/to/your/org-init-file.org")
> into your .emacs (no need for .emacs.d/init.el) seems to suffice.

This is one way to do it, not necessarily the only way.
I don't think a 4 line init.el is that complicated ;).

> 4. When I babel-load "my-package.org", all emacs sees is the tangled
> "my-package.el", which of course is right. The problem, however, is
> that I often search for one of my functions, change it … and loose the
> changes the next time I start emacs (I already got zapped a couple of
> times). Integrating org-tangle with the emacs documentation would be
> tough I guess. But how about setting a read-only file locale variable
> to block the most stupid mistakes?

How do you change your functions?
If I want to do it, I tinker with them directly in my emacs.org and
evaluate from there or copy the relevant bits to the *scratch* buffer
and bring them back to emacs.org once it works. If the file changed,
the el file gets tangled fresh automatically next time I start emacs and
used right away.

I suspect what he means is that if he uses `C-h f <function>` or `M-x
find-function RET <function>` it opens the .el associated with the
function when he would rather it open the associated .org file (or
better yet open the src block for editing) so that the changes can be
added without having to look for the correct file (if the functions
are split into sub-files based on associated mode/package).

I have had this problem before (on minor changes so I found them
again easily enough).

I don't really see a problem?




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