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Re: [O] Agenda: show only prio-A events with associated date/timestamp

From: Karl Voit
Subject: Re: [O] Agenda: show only prio-A events with associated date/timestamp
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 13:25:07 +0100
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* Memnon Anon <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> I'd like to derive a custom agenda view that has following properties:
>>> - show only items with associated datestamp or timestamp (same as
>>>   «is displayed in the time grid of my usual agenda»)
>>> - only with priority [#A]
> So, your usual agenda, but only priority #As ?

... and without todos that are do not have an associated date/time.

> Or only those items with stamps that don't only signify a day but also a
> time(-range)?

- items with stamps or time or time-ranges (not including
  DEADLINE/SCHEDULED or date/time/ranges in the "body" of the item)
- items with prio #A

>> If it is possible to differ between associated datestamps/timestamps
>> and deadlines/schedules, I'd prefer following:
>> Examples:
>> * shown:        :shown:
>> ** TODO <2012-12-11 Tue> todo with date
> Why should this one be shown? It is not [#A]?

Absolutely. My fault :-(

The idea behind this request is: only the most important milestones
and events get priority A. This way, I am able to get a quick
overview of a large period of time without much distraction.

On my wall calendar, there are only approx. 5-10 of such A-events per
month. Whereas on a normal day, I do have 5-10 (non-prio) events.
Therefore I kept my wall calendar in order to get an overview. But I
want to get rid of physical tools like this.

Karl Voit

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