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Re: [O] org-capture vs. org-agenda-capture

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] org-capture vs. org-agenda-capture
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 00:24:10 +0100
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Dear Rene,

Rene <address@hidden> writes:

> As a matter of fact, when called from the agenda `%U' doesn't expand as the
> current timestamp but rather provides the date of the line your point is on.

Depends.  From the agenda, you can use either org-capture directly, or
org-agenda-capture.  org-capture will convert %U using current time, not
the time of the agenda line -- unless `org-capture-use-agenda-date' is t.

> Wouldn't it be more convenient to get the current timestamp anyway?

If you want the date the cursor is on, I think 00:00 as a default time 
makes sense, mixing the current time and the date line would be confusing

> Suppose you would like to create a new appointment then
> 1. you view your agenda to see whether you're free on a particular date
> 2. you place the cursor on that date line
> 3. you invoke org-agenda-capture (hit `k' key) from there
> then a template such as this one 
>   ("a" "Appointment" entry (file+headline "~/gtd.org" "Inbox")
>        "* APPT %?\n  %^T\n Added: %U")
> would expand as
>   * APPT Dentist
>   <2012-12-25 Tue 18:00-19:00>
>   Added: [2012-12-12 Wed 22:13]
> which makes sense; instead of
>   * APPT Dentist
>   <2012-12-25 Tue 18:00-19:00>
>   Added: [2012-12-25 Wed 00:00]
> as it is today.

I guess M-x org-capture is enough here.



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