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Re: [O] org-export-docbook-xsl-fo-proc-command

From: trammi
Subject: Re: [O] org-export-docbook-xsl-fo-proc-command
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 09:16:08 +0000 (UTC)
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Bastien <bzg <at> altern.org> writes:

> trammi <milan.tramosljanin <at> gmx.de> writes:
> > Bastien <bzg <at> altern.org> writes:
> >  
> >> Did you check C-h v org-export-docbook-xslt-proc-command RET ?
> >> 
> > Yes, but I don't have this variable?
> I think it's here since org-docbook.el is in Org.
> Did you (require 'org-docbook) ?
Sorry, now I have org-export-docbook-xslt-proc-command. I want to use Saxon as 
xslt processor. How to set it at org-docbook.el for Win32?

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