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Re: [O] babel perl issue

From: Eric Schulte
Subject: Re: [O] babel perl issue
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 08:57:06 -0700
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Bastien <address@hidden> writes:

> Eric Schulte <address@hidden> writes:
>> This patch doesn't apply for me with "git am" to the HEAD of the repo so
>> I can't test it directly
> Please try this new one against current db51b8 commit in master.

This patch is still broken

    org-mode$ git checkout db51b8 -b crude
    Switched to a new branch 'crude'

    org-mode$ git am /tmp/0001-Crude-patch-to-simplify-dependencies.patch 
    Applying: Crude patch to simplify dependencies.
    error: patch failed: lisp/ob-exp.el:23
    error: lisp/ob-exp.el: patch does not apply
    Patch failed at 0001 Crude patch to simplify dependencies.
    The copy of the patch that failed is found in:
    When you have resolved this problem, run "git am --resolved".
    If you prefer to skip this patch, run "git am --skip" instead.
    To restore the original branch and stop patching, run "git am --abort".

Eric Schulte

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